Rumina, 2020. 11:44 min. (Click on image to see video and here for clips of the triptych).


Hers was the Milky way
In the vastness of her dark womb
The babies slept in seamless dreams
Twinkling as they grew.

Only her numinous flow
Gave light enough
To feed them.

Hence their souls shone through.

My body’s total time of milk production: about 1100 days or 26400 hours. To this amazing, loving body of mine: Thank you.

Lindu, 2021

And now,
Time being love,
We know
The Galaxy paints the trail of migration,
The pathway of the birds
A road of tears
Sprung from the broken heart
of their Queen
The daughter of the Sky-

An illuminated Milky Way
To the Gate of the Great Eye
Down South
Where up and down are illusions
So that you believe you can understand
That which you shall only know
When crossing
Hercules Horizon
Two billion lightyears away


Nwt, 2021

A song
Pulsing on an organic path
Imprinting the fractal pattern of nature

For the birds, her daughter created the Milky Way
Love is time

Nwt, Nunut, Nent, Nuit
Covered in stars
Imperishable as they caress every fine point of her body

From my mortality I pray to Her:

“Make of me the Sun and the Moon
So I may pass through you from day to night
From night to day
Forever beyond what I can remember
Breathing, dreaming, tracing, stirring”

She hears my prayer
As she holds a thousand souls
Shining every morning
Burning every night

“Protect me as I am living
Embrace me when I die
Let the wind whisper through
The perfectly crafted branches
Of your filigreed mechanics:
Every dream a heartbeat,
Every heartbeat heartening time
Time given gives back
To the source of pure white light”