For Nemeshallen I selected 21 images out of 51 from the series "Death Star, Dark Lake". Death Star Dark Lake reflects on a black hole in space that is linked to a dark lake on Earth. Reflections. From where life springs and that which swallows it all. In between that is the storytelling. What I do.
The room has a hexagon in the center marked by columns. I am very concerned over the past years about what is happening in our oceans and rivers, and was reached quite recently by the news of oil spills in the Peruvian Amazon directly after noting that 50 percent of the sea life on the planet has disappeared since 1970 (the feeling is reinforced by being born myself in 1975) and all sea life is expected to die out 2040. So I put out a glass container with petroleum. Like a perfect summation of the exhibition.
The political and what we do with our environment has a direct impact on the personal. My work touches the very personal and the between-realities. Environmental problems have become almost a figment we live with but ignore. We can not cope with what we do with it because it is so overwhelming. As if we have a borderline relationship to it.