Ingredients for the installation Mycelium Magic: Studies and Incubation:

More or less one year's doomed sms exchange between a former couple turned into papier maché. Color: smsblue #735 smsgreen #736.

Several mortal doses of sleeping pills.

Can never get enough bling. Aldous Huxley has some saying.

Water mirror. Because we come from it and we will go back to it and it must be kept clean.

Photographic lighting and approaches.

Hallucinogenic dances and mycelium conversations.

A Peruvian Shaman's Icaro song where my name begins and which is intended to heal.

Mixed story and myth into a fox.

A spider that counts eggs and keeps hold of the threads from everyone's subconscious.

Thoughts about the murder of Mother Earth and Capitalism.

Sensors that allow the outside world to influence how the music is played and thus help heal the private so to deal with the rest of the World.

A special thanks to Hanna Östergren for helping me with the magick music and to Paola Torres Núnes del Prado for helping me install the sensors and making them work.