Braiding alludes to how realities, people, things, places and time intertwine.

The Name from Mars is a promise to those things you cannot pronounce though
they are close to your heart.

No Date is me loosing track of time.

Each picture is it´s own story or dream.

They are fragments of a whole I try to decipher. I´m patiently putting together
the world with extracts from my own in between realities.

Children, love, body and time are sacrificed.

Tears become oceans. Grown up women cry milk.

We´ve all caught what ever feelings do to us when they are aloud to
take up space, become real and are taken seriously.

We know that we come from the stars and that our time on Earth is limited.

We fall asleep, we dream, we wake up and we live. Our dreams are important
and we work hard on remembering them.

We can all fly when we dream. And we do that often. Because our souls want to be light
as a soft wind when we´re awake. Every incident is poetry that intertwines with the next
sentence and shoots upwards, home.